Last minute costume party and want to stand out in the sea of dime store princesses?

Re-claiming the angel within, just got easy.

Cut a circle that is as wide as your "wingspan" out of angel-ey fabric like muslin, felt or that leftover ghost sheet from last year (*wristpoint to wristpoint across your back - - arms out).

Cut a slit from the top point of the circle - halfway down to the center. Cut a shorter slit from the bottom. This way - the front half of the circle flops over your arms when they are stretched out.

Cut as much of a neck curve as you need to be comfortable. Sew 2 tie ends on either side of the slit so the wings stay on - and tie under your neck like a cape.

Tack the 2 sides of fabric together near your wrists - so your wings stay put - like a sleeve.

Spray sneakers to match your halo (held on with wire and a headband) with glow in the dark paint.

Dance like the devil.
Front and back angel-views.

Fashion Icon Halloween 2000