A perfect (or almost perfect) square of wool or cotton fabric. 45-60" wide.
Needle, thread.
Optional sewing machine for hemming edges.

Fold in half at the diagonal and cut - netting two triangles.
Cut two rows of 2-4 inch long strips from each of the diagonal edges.
Now you should have two slightly thinner trangles and four long strips total.
Sew each set of two long strips together at ends - leaving you with one longer strip per shawl. (PICTURED).
Hem the bottom edge of your ruffle-to-be - or leave it frayed for deconstructed flair.
Sew a loose, wide stitch along the length of each strip as pictured - gathering as you go. The idea is to gather the ruffles so you shorten the length of the strip to fit along the shawl's edge. Once you've made these adjustments, pin your ruffles in place - and sew them on for good measure. Ugly side faces inwards.

Hem the top straight edge of your new shawl if you like.
Decorate with glue on flowers, sequins or "ordinary potato stamps" that you make by cutting a potato in half - carving out a groovy raised design - dipping it in latex or acrylic paint and stamping onto the fabric. Glom on to the exotic print craze and make it your own.
Shawl making presto gizmo has never been easier.

Nets one for you and one for your best bud!

Print out 1-1 straight up at 70%.
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