Big fun on the fringe with this fringe-y bandeau that will give you something to wear under your newly admired old jean jacket - that can become as casual or sequined as you want it to be.

(STEP 1.) Take any old leftover strapless bathing suit top (like the one whose bottoms went to the hang - where all the missing socks go.) (Illus. 1) A tube top'll do you just fine too. (Illus. 2 )

(STEP 2.) Buy about one eighth of a yard of Lycra fabric in a print or solid that will either really match, or really contrast. (Illus. 3)

(STEP 3.) Cut it out to either go the whole width around the tube, or just the front portion of the strapless. Cut vertical fringe as shown. Don't worry about a finish, as most Lycras won't fray, and this trend will be over way before it does.

(STEP 4.) Sew the fringe piece to your top with a zig-zag stitch from underneath (so when it falls down in place, the seam is hidden).

(STEP 5.) Go out and have fun!

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